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Our officers are abused when enforcing wearing of face masks directive – AMA Health Director reveals


Enforcing the wearing of face masks in public places has become challenging for the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) as some of its officials were subjected to physical abuse.

Public Health Director, Florence Kuukyi said her officers who tried to inquire why people weren’t wearing their face masks received slaps.

“In fact, enforcing the wearing of face masks hasn’t been easy as an environmental health officer when we go to the field, sometimes people abuse us.

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“Some of my staff have received slaps, just trying to ask somebody why you are not in the mask and encouraging them to try and get the mask,” she said.

She said the typical Ghanaian attitude of always being afraid of a change is hampering the campaign.

The reactions from the public she said, indicates the depth of work that has to be done to get people to understand their individual roles in helping to fight the virus.

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The Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah launched a campaign to promote the wearing of nose masks among Ghanaians.

The WearYourMask campaign was launched to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the capital city especially in public places.

Despite this move and the directive from the president, it seems the AMA has more to do to drum home the dangers of not wearing the mask.

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Florence Kuukyi is confident some sections of the Assembly’s by-laws empower them to sue people who disobey the directives.